Innovending LLC is a vending machine supplier that will supply minorities on the University of Michigan campus with beauty, hair, and skincare products through readily accessible vending machines on campus. We believe that diversity and inclusion is necessary on the University of Michigan’s campus. Our vending machines will work to be a resource for minority students at the university. 

Beauty products for minorities like us aren’t available in Ann Arbor, but we believe that our business will aid this issue by providing vending machines within our campus buildings so students can conveniently use them.

When Ann Arbor doesn’t supply under-represented students with products they need, they are forced to go to neighboring cities. Exerting time and energy that students need to excel academically. Especially at the University of Michigan. Sometimes, these students can feel displaced -- as if they don’t belong in Ann Arbor. This feeling of displacement can result from not having beauty resources that cater to your culture (and ethnicity) at a predominately white institution. They can feel as though they don’t belong here. Our vending machines will serve as an affirmation that they do belong here. 

The time and energy that it takes for routine trips to these cities is costly-- economically and academically. And quite honestly, individuals from underrepresented communities need the most access to things all across the board. We think that one step in the right direction is providing readily accessible beauty products in vending machines to students of color on campus. This will save them money and time and will enable students to feel more comfortable and confident on our campus.

We want our vending machines to be a reminder to students that “yes, you DO belong here.” They will not only serve as a resource and convenience but will also be an affirmation to minority communities that there is a place for them at the University of Michigan. 

We realize how hard it is for minorities to get the beauty essentials we need. And we want our vending machines to make this as seamless as possible! Our beauty vending machine eliminates the need for students to travel far to obtain beauty products. Our vending machines will be right on campus for each student to use! It will be stocked with beauty, hair, and skincare products that the STUDENTS will choose themselves. 

Students play a vital role in shaping the university. And the university prides itself on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Like many resources for minorities on campus, our vending machines will help students to look, feel, and do their best.

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